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Arrivals and Dismissals

Due to safety/health protocols, only students will be able to enter through the gates at drop-off in the mornings. There will be staff directing students to their classes starting at 8:45 a.m. Please ensure your child knows their teacher’s name. 


The Kiss and Go lanes off of Siena Heights are for drive-thru traffic for students 1st - 3rd grade (students will go directly to cars at pick-up and in the morning’s students can debark from cars quickly into the school gates). You can also park on Siena Heights and walk on foot to the pick-up/drop-off gated area (it is near the bike rack) adhering to social distancing and no congregating. The parking lot is closed in the morning and afternoon due to buses from 8:40 a.m.-9:20 a.m. & 2:45 p.m.-3:30 p.m. to allow for school buses to bring/ pick up students to/from campus.  Additionally, after school during dismissal, parents will have to wait outside of the gates adhering to the dots for social distancing and will need to leave campus immediately  (see more details below). 


At dismissal time, 1- 3rd-grade classes will head outdoors and stand on socially distanced dots near the basketball courts. We will have a staggered dismissal by last name (A-M, N-Z) and students will leave through the bike rack gate or Kiss and Go gate. Parents are not permitted to enter the campus gates at any time. 

Kindergarten students will enter the kinder gate to the left of the front office.  Drop off will be one at a time and the parent/guardian will wait on the painted dots around the perimeter of the gated area to both drop-off and pick up your child. At arrival, your child will go directly to class and be directed by staff. Parents are unable to enter the gate. During dismissal, Kinder students will stagger their releases in the following order: Roqueni/Lesniak and then Shreve/Russell.

Please remember all students must wear a mask prior to entering the gates and on school grounds for the entirety of the day except at lunch. Additionally, the office will not be accepting student materials throughout the day, so please ensure students have everything they need prior to the start of the day. Lastly, please make sure you do a health check with your child prior to arrival, please see the following link: Parent and Guardian Guidance on Checking Your Student Before Leaving Home and On the Way to and From School and At School

Parent Hybrid Info Meeting

Did you miss the virtual meeting regarding hybrid learning (Pre K-3rd grade)?  Check out this PRESENTATION and watch the recording below.

Small Groups

There will be small group opportunities for students in 4th & 5th Grade in the future as soon as guidance is given.  Small groups will be for our students to be invited to campus for short periods of the day to get academic and/or social-emotional support as needed, during their distance learning instruction. We will wait for plans to be approved before invitations are extended, as this is a voluntary opportunity for our students. When we are able to add students in this capacity to our campus we will reach out via phone and email to invite those who are identified. All GT students must follow the guidelines of wearing a mask and social distance of 6 ft upon entering our campus. 

Wearing a Mask

Children returning March 1st, should begin practicing wearing a mask that will be required for the entire day except at lunch and maintaining social distance from their designated areas, as they will in the classroom.


What a memorable year we have had! Please see the attached information sheets and this ORDER FORM for the 2020-2021 Yearbook! Please make sure to read them and submit all photos by email to GTPTOYEARBOOK@GMAIL.COM by February 26th, 2021.

Selfie Attachment how to :


Glen Taylor Yearbook info attachment:


STUDENT order form:


STAFF order form:

Curbside Library Checkout

Our curbside library checks outs will begin this month. Ms. Elliott, our GT librarian, is ready for curbside checkout on Wednesday 2/3, 2/17/, 2/24 for the month of February. 

MAPS Accelerator and iReady

As part of Glen Taylor’s mission, we are dedicated to the development students’ individual strengths. We will continue to encourage our students to use the iReady platform for students to practice their pathways for independent learning.



We request students in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second grade to use the platform in both reading and math for 40 minutes each subject by completing a number of lessons dictated by the teachers weekly.



Our intermediate grades, Third grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade will use MAPs Accelerator for the math pathway program starting in January for 45 minutes and for students to level up weekly. For more information about MAPs Accelerator please see the following video:  


Intermediate grades will continue to use the iReady pathway for Reading for 40 minutes and lessons completion weekly.  Your teachers and I are asking for your partnership to increase student participation of the web based programs to encourage students growth. 

School Performance Plan and Budget

Please click on the links below for a copy of Glen Taylor's 2020-2021 School Performance Plan and 2020-2021 budget.

Emergency Food Assistance

A local emergency food assistance program that’s run by the Las Vegas Culinary Academy in North Las Vegas has a huge surplus of available food that was made available through a number of very large anonymous charitable donations to the Academy. The program was originally established to provide emergency food assistance for displaced members of the Culinary Union. However, due to the large amount of food that is available, the program is now open to all Clark County residents who are in need of food assistance. 

The only criteria is that you be a resident of Clark County. 

All you have to do is call 702-227-8842 or go  to (, answer a few questions (name, address, telephone number, name on ID, email address, zip code, household size, etc.) pick a day and time to go pick up your food, get your order confirmation number for pickup, and go an get it. Food pick up times are currently Monday through Thursday from 7 AM to 12:30 PM at the Culinary Academy. 

Picking up food on behalf of other people is allowed. The person picking up the food will simply have to show the ID of the people that they are picking up food for. The pickup address is The Las Vegas Culinary Academy 710 W. Lake Mead Blvd, NLV, 89030. Seniors (60 and over) are eligible for free food delivery. 

Each order consists of 40 pounds of food and you can order as often as you like. A typical food order consists of meat, rice, beans, pasta, onions, fruits, and other veggies. Nothing is cooked and the meat is frozen. 

Lastly, you can pick up as often as you want, there are no limits. 

The program will end on 12/31 or until all the program's funds have been depleted. Feel free to share this information with any family members or friends who may benefit from this food assistance  program

Battle Born Kids Scholarships

There are scholarships available for the Henderson Parks Program/Battle Born Kids at the Multi-Gen Center in Green Valley and other childcare providers.  You can find out more information HERE.


  1. Fill out an APPLICATION through Urban League of Las Vegas

    • If you have questions their number is 702-473-9400. I pressed 1 on the menu and they were very helpful.

    • Put the provider you wish to use on the application.

    • The application process takes 10 days.

    • They will then give you a certificate to present to the provider.

  2. When you have the certificate, call 702-267-4100 Henderson Parks and Rec. Youth Programs or whatever approved provider you are using.

Resident Recovery Opportunities

The City of Henderson just released our “Resident Recovery Grants”.  Residents financially impacted by COVID-19 can complete one application to receive a grant for utilities assistance, childcare costs, and the cost of internet services for education.  The link for the application and website are listed below.  Applicants must be residents of the City of Henderson and funds are paid directly to the resident and it is taxable so they will be required to complete a W-9. 


Resident Recovery Grants:


In addition to this assistance Henderson also has a housing assistance program to help with rent/mortgage payments.  The program allows for payment of rent, mortgage, and utilities arrears back to March 1, 2020, as well as utility deposits, security deposits and emergency lodging.  Payments for services are made directly to a landlord, mortgage company and/or utility company.


Housing Assistance:


Also for families who need childcare and/or remote learning assistance we also are running our full day childcare/distance learning program – Battle Born Kids/Teens.  In this program students are provided with time and space to participate in distance learning and parents receive a log at the end of each day that outlines what their child completed and what may still need to be completed at home.  The program is $20/day and the registration link is below:


Childcare and Remote Learning Assistance:

SOT Meeting

The next Glen Taylor School Organization Team Virtual Meeting is February 28, 2021 at 3:00.  Community members can access the meeting HERE.  Click the agenda below for more information.


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School meal menus are now digital and interactive.  Click on the link above to view our breakfast and lunch food menus.  

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