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Spotlight on Learning

The Art classes are teaching creativity as well as citizenship at Glen C. Taylor!  


First I'd like to mention that all of the classes made beautiful Holiday Cards for the people who receive Meals on Wheels.

At the request of our principal, every child designed his/her own card to be delivered with the special holiday meal around Christmas time.  This lesson included more than just the artwork.  Many students were not familiar with Meals on Wheels so it was a lesson in empathy, caring and serving the community as well.


We began this month with lessons about the first two Elements of Art,  Line and Shape. These lessons included well known artists, Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. One of our goals this year in art is to familiarize the students with famous artists and then let students create their own artwork in the style of that artist. I hope you saw their version of Starry Night or their try at "painting with scissors " in the style of Matisse.


Our month will continue with an Underwater Ocean Theme as every grade will learn how to draw or paint ocean creatures in their under water environment.


The Fifth Grade will have their final Ocean pictures judged in a contest sponsored by the Green Valley Emergency Room located on the corner of Pecos and Coronado.  The top three winners will receive cash prizes and their work will be framed and hung on the walls of the Emergency Room waiting room!


This is still another way that Glen C. Taylor Elementary School can contribute to the community of Henderson!

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