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Glance at November

3rd grade GATE

This month students will continue their study of robotics by working with Ozobot Evos.  During this unit, third graders will learn to code using Color Codes.  Color Codes, made with markers on paper, teach basic STEAM skills, critical thinking, and debugging.

4th grade GATE

This month students will finish their space unit and begin their robotics unit using Lego EV3 robots.  During this unit, fourth graders will not only build robots, but they will also learn how to code them using the Lego 3V3 block coding software.

5th grade GATE

This month, fifth graders will finish their physics unit by sharing their amazing roller coasters with other intermediate students and GATE families during our "GATE Carnival."  Next, fifth graders will begin their Advanced 3D printing unit by taking a field trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame to learn about the history of pinball machines and get inspiration for designing their own games.  

Just for Kids

EV3 Computer Programming

These well made step-by-step instruction videos will help guide students as they learn to program Lego EV3 robots.  



ProProfs Brain Games

This site has a number of enriching games that provide great recreation options for gifted and talented students. The range of games on this site include puzzles, logic games, suduko, word games, and brain teasers.




If you are looking for something fun for students to do, check out the games at the American Mensa website. It offers fun and challenging games that are updated either daily or on a weekly basis. Kids can also play previous games as well.



The Science Explorer

This is a great website that offers easy and fun science experiments for students to do at home.  They have everything from creating lightening to growing crystals.  



Amusement Park Kids

If your child loves roller coasters then check out Amusement Park Physics.   Students will have fun learning the physics behind roller coasters and applying what they have learned by creating their own coaster.

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