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Focus on Learning

As our school year continues, we will be doing some activities
involving weather and climate, forces and motion, and knowing
the diversity of life that our world has to offer.


SEP-1 Asking Questions and Defining Problems

SEP -2 Developing and Using Models

SEP -3 Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

SEP-4 Analyzing and Interpreting Data

SEP-5 Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking

SEP-6 Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions

SEP-7 Engaging in Argument from Evidence

SEP-8 Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information


Exciting  Science News

Science can always use donations of empty paper towel tubes, masking tape, and rice for upcoming projects.


Focus Standards

My name is Ms. Bruland, and I started as a science teacher in October. I have been teaching since 2006 and have taught most elementary grades. I have enjoyed meeting all the students and getting started with the new Amplify science curriculum. In addition to the Amplify curriculum, students in grades one and two have been using our new VEX 123 robots to learn about coding. Grades four and five have been building using the new VEX Go robots. 

Kindergarten is continuing our Amplify science unit on Pushes and Pulls. Students are creating their pinball machines.


First-grade students are working on the Amplify science properties of light and sound unit. Students are creating their puppet show background with shadows.


Second-grade students are investigating the properties of materials. In this Amplify unit, the students are designing a sticky glue. 


Third-grade students are working on the Amplify Unit Environments and Survival. Students are solving the question of why snails with banded shells are more likely to survive than snails with yellow shells. 


Fourth-grade students are investigating the Tokay Gecko while learning about Vision and Light. Students are solving the question of how animals use vision and other senses to survive in their environment.


Fifth-grade students are learning about the parts of the Earth System while focusing on the hydrosphere. Students have been introduced to the fictional towns of East and West Ferris and are solving the problem of why more rain forms over one than the other.

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