GT Parent Handbook

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School Telephone Numbers:      

School Office: 702-799-6892    

School Fax: 702-799-2276


Virtual School Hours

8:55 A.M. - Announcements

9:10 A.M. – 3:21 P.M..


Office (by appointment only): 

7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

School Website & Facebook:

Be sure to access our school website,, on a regular basis to keep current on school events and information. Our page also contains many helpful links to CCSD departments and academic information. Additionally, we will post what is happening at Glen Taylor on our school Facebook at Make sure you create a parent Canvas account to see student progress and stay up to date with your child’s coursework. Visit for additional up to date information about the district.


Canvas Platform


Glen Taylor Mission

We are dedicated to the development of individual strengths, talents, and the assurance of academic excellence for all students in a positive, caring, and supportive environment.


Glen Taylor Promise

I promise to be responsible for my own behavior and I will do more than is expected of me today. I will give my best effort because I came to school prepared to learn.


Distance Education Expectations (Please click the link below)


Virtual Schedule

  • Announcements will begin at 8:55 a.m. 

  • Students will begin their daily scheduled activities at 9:10 a.m. virtually. 

  • Master Schedule (Student View)


The student supports the following for full-time distance education:

  • Maintains positive attendance and course progress.

  • Completes assignments and tasks as assigned.

  • Exhibits good study habits.

  • Reaches out to teachers when requiring assistance.

  • Attends daily and weekly required real-time, synchronous sessions or recorded sessions.

  • Participates in any proctored assessments, if applicable.

  • Utilizes the virtual office hours as posted by teachers to obtain additional support and guidance.


The parents/guardians support the following for full-time distance education:

  • Communicates with the child's instructor(s) through virtual office hours.

  • Actively assists children with their learning and directly participates with students, specifically in early elementary

  • grade levels.

  • Provides support, guidance, and assistance.

  • Fosters a conducive area for learning in the home.

  • Encourages and recognizes positive gains and achievements.

  • Actively monitors the child's progress in assigned courses.


Distance Education Instruction

As full-time distance education is implemented, the goal is to provide continuous high-quality,standards-based instruction to accelerate students’ learning. Routines and structures are provided to promote students’ engagement, and educators must attend to students’ social-emotional well being. As some students and families may be encountering challenging situations, opportunities, such as engaging in pre-recorded synchronous lessons and providing paper correspondence, may serve as solutions for students and families.


Distance education involves a full-day time commitment for students to meet the learning standards.


The components of distance education, such as synchronous and asynchronous instruction, audio conferencing, Canvas, video conferencing, virtual office hours, weekly instructional guides, and wellness checks serve as structures to provide and promote students’ learning within whole-group instruction, small-group instruction, and one-on-one instruction. The following details will assist as student schedules are completed adhering to the minimum, synchronous (real-time learning) learning sessions.

All synchronous sessions must be recorded* to assist students and families with potential schedule challenges and promote mastery of skills and concepts. The other components of the instructional day for students is thoughtfully planned to include asynchronous instruction (independent learning), including independent work, paper correspondence, use of online tools and resources for instruction, and group work.


Level Synchronous Learning Requirements (real-time)

  • Primary (Grades PreK-2):  60 - 90 minutes per DAY

  • Intermediate (Grades 3-5):  90 - 120 minutes per DAY


Please view each grade level’s daily schedule:  Master Schedule (Student View)


No Internet

  • A website, or call 888-616-2476, is now live and will be updated on an ongoing basis. 

  • The District will subsidize in-home Internet connections for families without in-home Internet connectivity who meet certain eligibility requirements through the 2020-2021 school year. The District subsidy will cover 100% of the family’s costs of the in-home Internet service during the school year. 

  • A variety of connection options are available; the FSC will help determine the appropriate options to meet the needs of the families requesting service. The District is working closely with these community partners. 

  • We will keep you informed of the development.

  • Mobile Device Guidelines & Expectations 


Cell Phone Use during Distance Education 

  • Students are NOT permitted to utilize cell phones during real-life Google Meet sessions.

  • No recording or photos should be taken within the Google Meet sessions.

  • Taking and distributing photos of a minor can be cyberbullying and could be subject to disciplinary action


Attendance and Absences:

A student is considered present/participating for an attendance day and course based on the following definitions: 

  • The student makes progress in their classwork leading toward mastery of the Nevada Academic Content Standards and/or a course’s completion that can be verified through a learning management system or other means. 

  • The student participates in a real-time class session (e.g., attends a live Google Meet). 

  • The student meets with or otherwise communicates with a licensed teacher or licensed substitute teacher who is able to discuss the student’s progress in a particular course.

  • Teachers will take attendance daily and students will be marked Participating if they follow any one of the 3 items: attended live meet, completed work on that day or spoke with the teacher about progress and work completion on that day.

  • If the student turns in work, the student is present that day.

  • If the student communicates with the teacher, the student is present that day.

  • If the student attends the live session, the student is present that day.

  • If a student does not do any of the above things during the day, the student will be marked DNP- Distance Education non-participation for that day. (equivalent to being absent) 

  • Parents may submit a medical excuse to the teacher and therefore would change the absence to excused only not “Participating” status


Enrollment and/or Withdrawal during Distance Learning:

Existing Registration (Current Students):  Online Registration through the Parent Portal at


Out of State, Out of District, Newly Enrolled Kindergarten:  Online Registration at 


*** If you have older children currently enrolled in CCSD, you can go through Parent Portal.



  • Birth Certificate

  • Immunization Records 

  • Proof of Address

  • Copy of the parent’s identification


Please be aware that upon school reopening, the parent will need to bring originals to the office for verification. In the meantime, please email Aracely the above documents at   Within the email, please ensure you note the child’s first and last name, grade level for the 20-21 school year, and parent’s contact information.


Transfers from another CCSD School 

  • Online Registration through the Parent Portal at

  • Copy of proof address

  • Copy of the parent’s identification 

  • Please email these documents to Aracely at

  • Within the email please ensure you note the child’s first and last name, grade level for the 20-21 school year, and parent’s contact information.


If you need your password for Parent Portal, please call 702-799-3300 (if you know your username). If you need both your username and password, please call the school at 702-799-6892.


If you have any questions, please call Glen Taylor Elementary at 702-799-6892.


In person (Start Date: TBD):  

Students must officially enroll through the school office before they can attend class the next day. A birth certificate and immunization records are required for students new to the school district. Proof of residency is required of all students.


If you are planning to withdraw your child, the office needs to be notified at least one day in advance in order to complete the required paperwork. Lost or missing textbooks and library books must be paid for at that time.


Parent Concerns:

We want everyone to be pleased and satisfied with every aspect of the school’s operations. However, we know that on occasion you may have a concern. If the concern relates to your child, the first step is to contact your child’s teacher.  If it is a general concern regarding school policy or discipline please contact the front office at 702-799-6892 or email an administrator at:, or .  You may also speak to or schedule an appointment with an administrator virtually if possible.


Food Services (Breakfast/Lunch):

  • Both breakfast and lunch will be picked up at the same time. Students can choose to be served from the school that is closest to them to accommodate students that are bused.

    • Pick up for meals is between 7am - 10am Elementary

    • Pick up for meals is between 10am - 1pm Middle School

    • Pick up for meals is between 11am - 2pm High School 

  • Breakfast is FREE for all CCSD students. 

  • Those students who are eligible for Free and Reduced Meals will receive lunch for free. All other students will need to pay for lunch.

  • The adult picking up needs the student’s first and last name, student number, or ID card.  Students do not need to be present to receive the meal(s). 

  • Outdoor service (drive up, stay in car)

  • No one can eat on campus.


Meal Benefits (Free and Reduced Lunch)

  • Students who qualified for free lunch previously have 30 days on their previous qualification prior to benefits ending.

  • Application for meal benefits must be completed each school year and only one application is needed per household. 

  • Please note it takes 5 days to process the application for Free and Reduced Lunch (anyone wanting free lunch should reapply). 

  • Applications can be completed online at or by paper available at schools as well as the main Food Service Department Office located at 6350 E. Tropical Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89115. 


Nutrition Bills

  • Two key school nutrition bills have been introduced, and we need your help to raise awareness and support! Safe and consistent student access to school meals this fall continues to be threatened by unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please take a few minutes to write your legislators urging them to support these bills

  • The Pandemic Child Hunger Prevention Act, introduced by House Committee on Education and Labor Chairman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (VA-03), would guarantee every child has safe access to healthy school meals during SY 2020-21. With a multitude of families newly-eligible for free and reduced-price meals, offering meals to all students at no charge spares overburdened schools the massive task of distributing and processing meal applications and reduces the stigma for children who depend on free meals.  TAKE ACTION

  • H.R. 7764, The Child Nutrition Relief Act of 2020, introduced by U.S. Rep. Nydia Velázquez (NY-7) would allow USDA to extend all COVID-19 school feeding waivers through June 30, 2021. Extending these waivers will allow school meal programs to seamlessly continue grab-and-go meal pick up for distance learners, serve meals to students in the classroom or adjust meal service in the event of a sudden COVID-19 school closure. TAKE ACTION!

  • Read more about these bills and SNA's support of these measures in SNA's press release.


School Climate:

The development and maintenance of a positive school climate is a priority of the Glen Taylor staff. A positive school climate focuses on self-concept and encourages the staff and students to act in positive ways. It is believed that as students learn concepts and behaviors that make them happier, healthier, and more responsible, the school will then take on those same characteristics.


Recognition Activities:

  • Teachers will recognize students for modeling excellent citizenship and kindness and also announced on morning announcements monthly.

  • Titan 10 expectations are used to talk positively to students and teachers will provide positive feedback as we develop consistent positive norms. 

  • Classes that meet expectations during Specialists meetings will be provided positive feedback on being model digital learners. 

  • Students will receive compliments for a job well done on an academic task and each teacher will provide feedback accordingly.



  • Students’ birthdays will be announced through announcements and from classroom teachers as a class announcement.  ​

  • Due to current circumstances involving COVID-19, we will be unable to be involved in disseminating birthday celebration information to students as the virtual platform will only be used for academics at this time.


Steps to Handle Misbehavior:

  • Level 1: The first step involved in correcting misbehavior is a discussion between the student and the teacher. Depending upon the severity, the teacher must decide how long conferences can continue until the next step is taken.

  • Level 2: After informal conferences when misbehavior is more severe and classroom management is exhausted, the teacher will contact the parent and the student will be notified during live sessions. The teacher keeps a record of this communication in the teacher contact log in Infinite Campus as a record. 

  • Level 3: After 5 phone calls to parents about disruption to the academic environment this could result in a Required Parent Conference (RPC) conference scheduled with the teacher and an administrator and documented in the student’s discipline file.  The consequence could short term loss of sessions with live contact with peers to ensure they are not disrupting live sessions. In this meeting, the teacher and administrator will discuss trends and may possibly discuss individual behavior plans for the student to increase positive motivation. 

  • Level 4: Unsuccessful corrective action at the classroom level or major infraction will be followed by documenting misbehavior in the student’s discipline file and referring the student to administration.  This meeting may include administration, the counselor, and the teacher(s) for an RPC or suspension in the student file and may include a short term loss of live student contact.

  • Level 5: When the Required Parent Conference doesn’t eliminate the problem, additional misbehavior will result in a progressive discipline which is additional RPC’s and/or suspension from school.


The exceptions to the above progression are serious offenses that include major infractions which include physical aggression, threats/(cyber) bullying, drugs, weapons, etc. They will begin at Level 4 or above and may result in school police involvement.

Distance Learning Standard Student Attire:   Not applicable

Parent/Guardian Training for Distance Education

FACES and the ELL Division, in collaboration with other District and community partners, will provide academic, technical, and social-emotional parent/guardian modules through the University of Family Learning (UFL) Online. The following link provides resources for families:   FACES 

We look forward to working with you and your child as we are a team!