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Gardening at Taylor

Our Garden

O u r   M i s s i o n

Our garden is committed to educating our students, parents, and teachers while enhancing our school environment with a hummingbird habitat that produces a positive learning ecosystem.  Our school will create an outdoor learning classroom which allows students to experience hands-on science curriculum.  Our garden will enable students to be knowledgeable about native plants and wildlife in Nevada.

Garden Events Calendar

Our Garden Community Partners

  • Brightview Landscaping

  • Boy Scout Troop

  • Green Our Planet

  • Lowes Home Improvement

  • Star Nursery


Along with these partners we would like to thank our parents and teachers for their time and dedication to our garden.


Garden Update:

The Garden and Hummingbird Habitat is blooming and thriving! Our Goal has been to plant our additional garden beds that were made from our wall blocks last year. In addition to our new beds, we have purchased a new shed for all of our gardening supplies!


The students have been planting and weeding our garden. We have released Ladybugs and will create a worm garden to enrich our soil. A big shout out to all the teachers at GT for teaching our students to become mini farmers! As we will continue to maintain our beautiful garden.!!


Our students have planted the following veggies: artichokes, carrots, herbs, lavender, strawberries, Swiss Chard and Collard Greens. In addition, we have been busy fertilizing our citrus orchard for the growing season. We are expecting to add and increase our flower bed this Spring!


Our garden has experienced sightings of a few hummingbirds. They love the lavender and the feeder. Thank you to everyone who helps our garden GROW!!

Mrs. Connors

Garden Committee 2019/2020

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