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Spotlight on Learning

Spring 2019


During the months of November and December all students will be practicing skills and playing the game of soccer. Primary students will work on their dribbling and passing skills and eventually learn position play in a lead-up game of 6 vs 6 . Intermediate students will have team captains. Captains will have the responsibility of choosing player positions, rotating players throughout the game, calling timeouts and developing strategies for team play. 


Students in grades K-3 will be playing the game of “Team Bocce” during the month of January. They will be challenged to score points for their team by rolling a bocce ball towards a target ball, they will not only increase their accuracy through proper form, but they will develop strategies that will make their team successful. Captains will be chosen for each team.


During basketball, students in grades 4-5 will practice the fundamentals of passing, shooting and dribbling. They will also focus on the rules of the game as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. Captains will be chosen to help maintain consistency in play and develop strategies during games.

Jump rope

Beginning in March, students will begin practicing their jump roping skills. They will start with the very basic jumps then gradually transition over to jumps that have a higher degree of difficulty. Primary students will start with using long ropes and then progress to short ones. They will be developing their overall coordination as well as physical fitness.

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