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Below are procedures that must be implemented immediately, November 1, 2017, for those acting in the capacity of a CCSD representative/volunteer, pending state regulations: 

Based on SB 287, the district is now required to have cleared fingerprints and background checks for all employees, representatives, and volunteers including parents, prior to allowing them to report to a school campus and every five (5) years thereafter, as long as they remain in their capacity as a regular volunteer with the district. 

A CCSD volunteer is defined as any person, 18 years of age or older, who helps or assists a school or the school district, regardless of compensation or benefit, with activities, athletics, events, functions, programs, and/or tasks, including but not limited to, in a classroom, on school grounds, at a school sanctioned activity, at a school-sponsored event, or on a school trip.  Examples of CCSD volunteers include:  grandparents, chaperones, parents, mentors, etc. 

The law also requires volunteers who will or are likely to have unsupervised or regular contact with pupils to submit for fingerprinting and background checks, to the district, upon application for service and every five (5) years.  This was not a district-initiated decision.  These procedures have been established in order to comply with SB 287. 

Effective immediately, all representatives/volunteers, including parents, who will or are likely to have unsupervised contact, or be left alone with students will be required to complete the CCSD representative/volunteer process through Human Resources, which includes an application and background check.  This requirement will also exist for all representatives/volunteers, including parents, who are likely to have or do have regular contact with students. 

SB 287 also requires the district to notify all representatives/volunteers that they are now mandatory reporters of abuse, neglect, sexual misconduct, corporal punishment, and/or luring of a minor by their primary caregiver as well as by another employee or representative/volunteer of any public or private school in the state.

We are also required to issue a document to each representative/volunteer to be signed acknowledging we advised them of this requirement and the district must maintain the signed form through the terms of his/her service to the school.  Volunteers who do not want to take on the responsibility of being a mandatory reporter will not be allowed to volunteer without a CCSD badge.

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