Student ATTIRE

Standard Student Attire:

Standard student attire is in place at Glen Taylor ES and is as follows:



  • pants

  • shorts

  • sweaters worn over approved shirts

  • jackets (school option)

  • sweatshirts/ sweat suits (plain or school logo)

  • shirts (long-or short-sleeved, logo free or school logo)



Our school colors are hunter green, burgundy, navy blue, white, and khaki.

In addition to blue jeans, denim pants in our school’s colors are permissible.

**Unless wearing a school logo shirt purchased from the office, all clothing items must be solid colors.


Revisions regarding “Uniforms” are as follows:

  • Schools with uniform policies will refer to such policies as Standard School Attire.

  • Jeans may be worn at elementary and middle schools (not at high schools.)

  • When wearing jeans, students will be required to follow the guidelines outlined in the revised CCSD dress regulation that states that jean pants must be ‘sized to fit.’  Sized to fit means the following:

Jeans pants are not to be oversized, baggy, saggy, or dragging on the ground.

Jean pants must sit at the waist.  Boys are not allowed to have the top of their underwear showing. 

Midriffs are not to be exposed.

Jean pants cannot have holes in them.

Jean pants must be hemmed.  They cannot be cut off or fringed at the bottom.

Tights, leggings, and knee-high socks must also be in solid colors.


  • pants

  • shorts

  • sweater worn over approved shirts

  • jackets (school option)

  • sweatshirts/sweat suits (plain or school logo)

  • shirts (long-or short-sleeved, logo free or  school logo)

  • Skirts or Skorts.